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As it has always been, the most important thing to us is your health and wellness, and now, your safety. We’re working so hard to ensure all three, taking our already-revolutionary standards of cleanliness to the next level, and redesigning our treatments for your even greater comfort and security.

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Barefoot Medical Spa

We are a team of podiatrists and spa professionals whose first priority is your wellness. Our treatments elegantly combine medical care and beauty, and all of our instruments are sterilized between every use as they would be for surgery. Forget chemical odors and toxic polishes: freshness and luxury are our signatures. Every choice we make – our experienced nail therapists, exceptionally high standards of cleanliness, and welcoming environment – lets you sit back and relax.

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The Barefoot Difference

Podiatrist owned and operated

Every aspect of care at Barefoot is overseen by podiatrists with years of training and medical experience. Our carefully trained spa professionals are guided by our doctors to improve your health and wellness. Clients with special concerns, such as diabetes or circulatory problems, can be sure that they are receiving the safest and highest quality care available.

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The Barefoot Difference


Your health is our top priority. Every single instrument that comes in contact with your skin and nails has been properly sterilized, every time. To ensure exceptional cleanliness, all the surfaces you touch, from treatment chairs to soaking bowls, is thoroughly sanitized. Leave your worries at the door.

The Barefoot Difference

Personalized Care

Our goal is not only to have you feeling good after your treatment, but to look and feel even better days, weeks, and months later. Our foot-care experts work with those whose lower legs and feet may need extra TLC to develop an at-home treatment plan personalized to the individual. Hand-selected products paired with clear instructions and scheduled visits to Barefoot will empower you to continue to look and feel your best.


Is Barefoot for me?

Yes! Barefoot is for everyone. Those with particular foot-care needs can improve their health and appearance at Barefoot. If your lower legs and feet are healthy and beautiful, we can help you keep them that way. We’re here to help you look and feel your best, whether you need a luxurious botanical foot soak or a specialized nail treatment executed by an expert. Learn more about our carefully curated treatment options. 

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Our Space

Barefoot Medical Spa is more than a doctor’s office or a nail salon. It’s an oasis in a busy world, a unique space that combines the tranquility of a spa with the professionalism and security of a medical office. See photos of our space below.

Our Space


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