Winter is a great time to start treating your fungal nails.

Are you feeling insecure about the health of your fungal toenails? Would you like to improve their appearance but are waiting to take steps to help them heal since it’s still frigid here in New England? Even though sunny weather feels far away, the time to start treatment for your nails is now! Toenails grow approximately 2mm per month, which is pretty slow growing! Fingernails grow at double that rate. So it takes approximately 12 months for a toenail to grow out from start to finish! (A lot longer than you would think, right?) The nail begins under the skin at the nail matrix and continues the length of the nail bed to the free edge.

If you start treatment for fungal toenails today and give yourself enough time to heal and allow your nails to be repaired, by the time it’s time to pull out your bathing suit and hit the beach, you will see a definite improvement. Don’t wait until it’s already time to retire your snow boots to address the issue. By being proactive, you can ensure you’ll feel more confident in a few months while wearing open-toed sandals.

If you have a toenail condition, right now is the time to schedule a consultation with one of our podiatrists to discuss treatment options. We’ll create a customized treatment plan. While you’re at it, think warm thoughts! Sandal weather is right around the corner.