Here at Barefoot, we love keeping you informed about foot health and wellness.

Here are some fun facts about your feet:

1. Did you know there are 86 layers on your outer heel?! Compare that to the eyelids – they have around 10. 2. It’s more effective to apply an antiperspirant at night instead of in the morning, when you’ve already actively begun to perspire.

3. After a skin peel treatment, you must wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 35 for 2 full weeks, then a minimum of SPF 15 thereafter – even inside. Yes, UV rays do penetrate windows!

4. Onychomycosis, commonly known as fungal nails, is the most common misdiagnosed pathology!  Thoroughness is key for diagnosis and there must be a subjective diagnosis: just “looking” at the nail won’t do! (PS… I already knew this one ☺)

It takes a skin cell 28 days to emerge and then slough off.

6. Studies that use an ultrasound to measure nail depth have shown that weekly application of gel with the weekly use of acetone thins the nail.  This can leave you more prone to disease and trauma.

Our goal is to be the leading expert on the skin and nails of the feet & lower legs.  Continuing my education allows me to provide our clients with the knowledge and understanding of treatment options to improve their health and overall wellbeing. I’m excited to implement new techniques in our Spa, such as a taping strategy for ingrown toenails, chemical peels for the feet, and new alternatives to manage excessively sweaty feet.  Stay tuned for these treatments and more coming soon to Barefoot!

Dr. Julie