One of our goals at Barefoot is to improve your quality of life. We provide our clients with healthy alternatives for pain and inflammation reduction, rather than systemic medication, and we always have an eye out for unique, high-quality products. So, we’re excited to introduce Beeline Skincare’s Warm Therapeutic CBD Candle to the Barefoot community! At first glance, this product is a lovely candle poured into a beautiful stoneware decanter, but it’s much more than that. The wick is lit, the wax melts, the candle is blown out, and then the warm oil is poured onto the skin. In some users, this treatment can provide relief from arthritis, muscle and joint pain, neuropathy, eczema, psoriasis, plantar fasciitis, rashes and other inflammations of the skin.

Some of you may be wondering what CBD even is, or where these benefits come from. CBD is a natural substance derived from hemp plants. It is completely disassociated from THC, the chemical compound found in marijuana that creates a “high” in the consumer. It is not possible to become high from using CBD in any of its forms. There are initial studies of CBD oil usage, as well as client feedback, that show very promising results for relieving pain and aiding in relaxation.  Each person responds to the effects of the oil differently, as each person’s pain level and as well as the reason behind the discomfort is unique. Using this CBD lotion candle has provided relief to those who live with neuropathic and arthritic pain. Not only does the lotion candle contain CBD oil, but it also contains arnica. Arnica helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, bruising and joint pain. The combination of both ingredients complement each other to help reduce pain.

It is important to realize that not all CBD oil is created equal. The CBD oil that is used in the Beeline lotion candle is organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived, and sourced from Europe. Hemp is typically planted to purify the soil, so it is very important that it is thoughtfully sourced. In the US, there are no regulations specifying where hemp is grown or what it is extracted for, let alone a purity analysis report. Europe has had regulations in place for a long time, which is why Beeline chooses to source the CBD oil that they use in their products from there.

This wonderful product can be added to a service at our spa, or the application can stand alone. There is no limit to the time needed in-between applications of the oil.  If you are a person who’s tried a variety of treatments for your arthritic, neuropathic or generalized foot pain, and would like to seek a safe and effective alternative, I would highly recommend CBD oil, and in particular Barefoot’s Warm Therapeutic CBD Beeswax Treatment.