At Barefoot Medical Spa, our client experience is centered around relaxation, health, and wellness.  We feel it is our obligation to provide you with superior care and cleanliness. 

We did an enormous amount of research when considering what kind of soaking bowls and pools to use in our spa. Although soaking your feet in a whirlpool sounds relaxing, we came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to sanitize the jets, tubing, and nooks and crannies to eliminate potential infectious organisms that may linger after each use to our standards of spotlessness. Instead, we chose a beautiful ceramic bowl for the foot soak. An exquisite combination of salts, oils, florals and herbs will be combined in the bowl, which will be continuously filled with hot water to give your feet the relaxation they deserve!  The ceramic is a nonporous material and will be thoroughly disinfected between uses, ensuring containments will not be spread from one client to the next. 

A piece was published in the Dermatology Journal in 2003 titled Rapidly Growing Mycobacterium Infections After Pedicures. The authors advised “clinicians to be aware of potential nail salon infections and inquire about a history of whirlpool footbath exposure in any patient with prolonged lower extremity soft tissue infection. As previously documented, leg shaving with a razor blade before pedicure increases the risk of infection from contaminated whirlpool footbaths.” (Here is a link to the article written in the JAMA Dermatology:

Do all spas and salons have bacteria-ridden jets in their whirlpools?  No. But we at Barefoot prioritize educating our clients about potential risk at hand so that they can make informed decisions about their foot health. The health and wellbeing of our clients is our number one priority, and that’s reflected in our decision-making about all aspects of our business, including products and purchasing.

-Dr. Julie