I used to think bamboo was just vegetation that pandas eat. Seriously! Luckily, my eyes were recently opened to the powers of this plant.

Bamboo is a very rich source of silica, a natural element (atomic symbol Si, atomic number 14) found in certain plant and animal sources, as well as in water. In fact, the bamboo plant contains the greatest amount of silica than any other natural source. When we’re born, there is an abundance amount of silica in our body, which helps enhance our overall health of bones, joints, hair, skin, and nails. (This is one reason why babies and young children have such beautiful skin!) As we age, the amount of silica in our body decreases. Products that contain bamboo powder or extract help to aid in the loss of silica that we are now lacking, thus improving the appearance of our skin, nails, and hair. 

I was so excited about the benefits of bamboo that I created a new Barefoot treatment, the Bamboo Spa Pedicure and Massage. This is seriously an amazing service. It includes a wonderful healing soak, scrub, and massage containing with healing ingredients including bamboo, jojoba oil, and Italian volcanic pumice.  This specialty pedicure will leave your feet and lower legs feeling fresh and renewed. Call today to schedule your treatment! 

-Dr. Julie