Hello friends,

During the pandemic, it is more difficult than ever to maintain our health and wellness. We are sending positive, healing thoughts to you and your families, and wishing you peace.

We are so grateful for the silver lining this experience presented: the time and space to consider and redesign every aspect of our business to serve you even better than before. We’ve been here in our sacred space at 72 Portsmouth Ave, working behind the scenes so that we continue to improve for you.

The phones have never stopped ringing, and as our front desk staff can attest, we’ve been answering calls and emails from all over New England about what makes Barefoot so special. The word is OUT – and we’re so thankful to each of you for spreading the news. Dr. Julie and Dr. Dolan have been in constant communication with clients, utilizing virtual appointments, and caring for podiatry patients with urgent concerns.

Of course, as it has always been, the most important thing to us is your health and wellness, and now, your safety. We’re working so hard to ensure all three, taking our already-revolutionary standards of cleanliness to the next level, and redesigning our treatments for your even greater comfort and security. We’re excited to announce the meaningful changes we’re made during this collective time-out:

– Our entrance vestibule is a new “sanitizing station” for you to take a centering pause.

– We have brand-new welcome protocols to protect you, our staff, and other clients. We will communicate the details to each client before their appointment.

– We’ve opened a gorgeous private treatment room for those who would prefer a completely private space, or who are looking for a day of pampering with a member of their immediate household.

– Our pedicure area meets all requirements for social distancing guidelines (without compromising an ounce of tranquility).

– We’ve re-trained our staff so that everyone is comfortable and confident working with today’s health and safety requirements

– Our services menu has been updated to reflect new procedures that ensure your safety and use the best products for your care. These treatments have been simplified and upgraded to reflect what you, our clients, have expressed a need for or more of from us.

Barefoot has adapted to the current situation, but our essence – what makes Barefoot unique –  will never change. Our fierce commitment to cleanliness, our dedication to your foot health and wellness, and our beautiful space as an oasis of calm are all here to stay.

Welcome back. We’ve missed you. We’re ready to care for you. Call us when you’re ready.

-Dr. Julie

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