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How We Keep You Safe

Hello friends, During the pandemic, it is more difficult than ever to maintain our health and wellness. We are sending positive, healing thoughts to you and your families, and wishing you peace. We are so grateful for the silver lining this experience presented: the time and space to consider and redesign every aspect of our… Read more »

Community Care at Barefoot

With deep appreciation for the healthcare workers in our community, Barefoot is delighted to introduce Healthcare Workers Appreciation Day! Every Thursday from February 18th until April 1st, 2020 your choice of our signature manicure, pedicure, or foot soak is on us! Please call the spa to book and for details. Come relax at Barefoot and… Read more »

Moisturizing Footcare: Barefoot’s Bamboo Pedicure

I used to think bamboo was just vegetation that pandas eat. Seriously! Luckily, my eyes were recently opened to the powers of this plant. Bamboo is a very rich source of silica, a natural element (atomic symbol Si, atomic number 14) found in certain plant and animal sources, as well as in water. In fact,… Read more »

Why We Don’t Use Whirlpools

At Barefoot Medical Spa, our client experience is centered around relaxation, health, and wellness.  We feel it is our obligation to provide you with superior care and cleanliness.  We did an enormous amount of research when considering what kind of soaking bowls and pools to use in our spa. Although soaking your feet in a… Read more »

The Benefits of Our CBD Treatment

One of our goals at Barefoot is to improve your quality of life. We provide our clients with healthy alternatives for pain and inflammation reduction, rather than systemic medication, and we always have an eye out for unique, high-quality products. So, we’re excited to introduce Beeline Skincare’s Warm Therapeutic CBD Candle to the Barefoot community!… Read more »

Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know About Your Feet

Here at Barefoot, we love keeping you informed about foot health and wellness. Here are some fun facts about your feet: 1. Did you know there are 86 layers on your outer heel?! Compare that to the eyelids – they have around 10. 2. It’s more effective to apply an antiperspirant at night instead of in… Read more »

How We Treat Arthritic Feet

At Barefoot, we know how important personalized, thoughtful care is when you’re dealing with arthritis in your feet, which is why we created our Pain Relief and Rejuvenation Foot Massage and Therapy. For your first pain relief pedicure with us, our podiatrist spends time with you in the pedicure space to understand your concerns to… Read more »

Treat Your Fungal Nails

Winter is a great time to start treating your fungal nails. Are you feeling insecure about the health of your fungal toenails? Would you like to improve their appearance but are waiting to take steps to help them heal since it’s still frigid here in New England? Even though sunny weather feels far away, the… Read more »

How to Keep Your Feet Happy on the Hill

Skiing is an exciting and rewarding sport that we’ve lucky enough to have lots of access to here in New Hampshire! If you’re planning to boot up and hit the slopes this winter, here are some tips to keep in mind and make sure your feet stay healthy. Try your hardest not to put your… Read more »

Should You Take a Break From Nail Polish?

Welcome to the closed-toe shoe and sock season!  Unless you are traveling somewhere warm, consider your feet in hibernation mode for the next 5 months! It’s time to put your sandals away and take your polish off. We often focus on what we put inside of our bodies (food and drink), but fail to consider… Read more »