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Discolored Toenails: What They Are and What To Do

A discolored toenail can present itself for a variety of reasons. A subungual hematoma is a collection of blood that pools between the nail plate and the nail bed. This is a result of trauma to the nail by either constant jamming of a toe in a shoe or a direct injury such as someone… Read more »

Keep Your Feet Healthy When You Work Out

Shorter days and lower temps can lead us back inside for our workouts. While it’s tempting to kick off our sneakers afterward, there are precautions that you should take to keep your feet healthy when you workout. Floors, bathrooms, and showers are potential breeding grounds for germs, fungus, and the wart virus. Any break or… Read more »

How to Manage Your Fungal Nail Condition

If you have a nail fungus, it’s okay!  Barefoot can help. You might not like the way your nails look or feel but treatments are available so let’s talk about what we can do together to improve how your nails look. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population is affected by nail fungus,… Read more »