Specialty Medical Pedicures

Dr. Julie Shaheen is an experienced podiatrist who works closely with our expert nail therapists to heal and rejuvenate you. Our customized, industry-leading treatments combined with regular medical pedicures will manage your nail or skin condition.


Specialty Medical Pedicures

All of our medical treatments take place in our state-of-the-art spa facility. The space was carefully designed with the patient in mind.


Those with nail or skin concerns are asked to schedule consultation before any medical pedicure is provided. After a clinical review, Dr. Julie will create a customized treatment plan for you. Our industry-leading treatments combined with regular medical pedicures and your prescribed home care program, will help you manage the conditions you are experiencing and bring you the healthiest feet and nails possible. Combine this visit with any of our spa treatments to have your feet look and feel beautiful!

Fungal nail treatments and pedicures

Consult with Dr. Julie for a customized treatment plan that is the best way for you to manage your fungal nail condition. You'll discuss oral and topical treatment options, as well as the revolutionary Lunula Laser Treatment, or simply schedule regular appointments for medical pedicures. Explore treatment options below.

Lunula Laser Treatment

The Lunula Laser® is the revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from the painful, discolored and disfigured toenails associated with onychomycosis. The first and only non-thermal FDA cleared device with a temporary increase of clear nails for those with onychomycosis. Consult with Dr. Julie to learn if this treatment option is right for you.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

The KeryFlex nail is an immediate cosmetic improvement resulting in a natural-looking nail. It is unaffected by acetone or nail polishes. Typically done during a specialty medical nail pedicure, our team will provide a luxurious pedicure, taking care of your healthy nails and apply a KeryFlex nail to your damaged toenail.

Fungal nail natural pedicure

This service combines the podiatric treatment for thickened nails with our classic pedicure and natural nail treatment. Our medical nail tech will reduce the thickness of your nails and then add the luxury of our natural clean pedicure with therapeutic cuticle oil, natural matte finish and moisturizing massage.


Athletes' Recovery Pedicure

Whether you have just started to run, are in the middle of training, or recently completed a race, this pedicure is for you! If you are a dancer, skater, a skier, or run across a field chasing a ball, this is for you too! We understand that some calluses are needed for protecting those bones, the importance of maintaining the proper toenail length, and blister care. Often those tired feet just need some extra pampering and expert care. This pedicure will both keep you moving and help you recover.


Immuno-compromised pedicure

This medical pedicure is designed for those with a compromised immune system. You will begin with a relaxing soak of essential oils and salts to help hydrate and soothe your skin. Special care will be taken when trimming nails and cuticles. We’ll gently exfoliate your legs and feet, apply a beeswax treatment to help hold in the moisture, and then provide a relaxing, hydrating gentle massage to increase circulation. We will treat your nails with a specialized base coat polish enriched with nutrients and vitamins, to help restore your nails to natural health.


Dry Skin Repair & Moisturizing Pedicure

One of our specialty treatments that combines podiatric and wellness care. Severely thickened dry skin will be reduced by Dr. Julie followed a consultation to determine your personal customized treatment plan, including home care. We'll finish with a soothing warm towel and our unique beeswax candle moisturizer with massage to complete your treatment.


Diabetic Pedicure

This non-invasive, medical pedicure is perfect for diabetics who are experiencing complications such as neuropathy and decreased circulation. This pedicure is performed by both Dr. Julie and a highly trained nail therapist. Ensure that you will be completely relaxed as you will be treated with warm towels and a lower leg and foot moisturizing massage. As part of the pedicure, we will focus on diabetic foot education, aesthetics and hygienic care of the toenails and feet. This service is offered in a private treatment room which helps to promote relaxation and comfort.


Arthritis Pedicure

This medical pedicure is designed for those who are struggling with arthritic changes of the foot and ankle. We will begin with our classic pedicure, followed by a warm beeswax treatment and warm towels, which helps to increase circulation and joint mobility. Under the guidance of Dr. Julie, our highly trained nail therapist will apply a topical warming therapy agent to the arthritic site and gently massage/place the arthritic joint through range of motion exercises. Regular arthritic pedicures can help to reduce stiffness and stress on arthritic joints and ultimately reduce discomfort.


Corns and Callus Removal Pedicure

See Dr. Julie to have your corns and calluses cared for, and then opt into the Barefoot Classic Clean Pedicure, or try a foot scrub or soak for added luxury. Podiatry consultation and client education on potential causes and preventive measures are included with your visit.