Meet our partners

Every choice we make at Barefoot, from the products we use to the people we employ, is made not only with our clients in mind, but with a concern for our greater local and global community. We’re thrilled to collaborate with our exceptional partners.


Meet our partners

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New Hampshire is such a wonderful place to live! We feel strongly about supporting those who create unique and healthful products. We feel honored to have been able to partner with New Hampshire’s small businesses and utilize the best products they have to offer during your treatments at the Spa.

Rebecca Jenkins, LMT

Becky Jenkins is the founder and owner of Rebecca Jenkins Massage Therapy. She opened her practice in early 2012 after receiving her certificate in Massage Therapy from Great Bay Community College. She also holds a B.A. in English/Journalism from the University of New Hampshire. Over the years Becky has honed her massage style, specializing in targeted work to relieve pain and tension in the body. She has lovingly become known on the Seacoast as the “psoas whisperer,” and utilizes various techniques to release this incredibly important muscle. Along with psoas work, Becky uses deep- tissue sculpting, positional release, fascial manipulation and neuromuscular methods to address any area of the body that is in need.

Soothey Designs

The founder of Soothey Designs, Jenny Lloyd, has created a product that provides ultimate relaxation. The sewn, soft fabric pouches, contain weighted aromatics that give comfort and healing through deep pressure touch. With the ability to be heated in the microwave, these Soothey’s are sure to please even the achiest of muscles!

Beeline Skin Care

Beeline Skin Care creates natural skin care products with local beeswax and honey. Both of these elements naturally contain wonderful moisturizing and healing properties. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used, free from harmful chemicals, to be sure the products are non-irritating. Founder, Susan Lanpher, created this eco-friendly line of skin care products, that your skin is sure to love!